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Yeah, we know. It’s why we’ve made the virtues of home the motivation behind our business. At Elite Cooling, we value the comfort and security we’ve built into our own homes so much that now, we want to help every homeowner, and business owner alike, experience them too.

That’s why every time you invite an Elite Cooling HVAC Specialist into your home, you can trust that your comfort and security are our top priorities. We’ll always diagnose your problem accurately, and offer you customized air conditioning solutions that fit your home and budget.

Elite Cooling is licensed, insured and bonded to perform all maintenance, repair and installation jobs throughout the state of Florida.

As Florida residents, we often take for granted our cool tempered indoor settings. It takes only a scorching summer day spent outdoors to remind us of the importance of returning to a cool, comfortable home. At Elite Cooling, we dare to say that your home’s comfort depends largely on the quality of the air that you breath in. That’s why we specialize in creating customized cooling solutions for your home that will provide you and your family with comfort that wows and saves you money.


At the heart of the Elite Cooling Difference is our method for diagnosing problems. We get to the core of the problem. We never just treat the symptoms, masking the issue so you’ll need repeat service. Our policy is simple - If it’s not fixed, and it doesn’t meet our standards, we won’t bill you.


When it’s time to upgrade to more powerful, energy-efficient AC systems, Elite Cooling can provide custom tailored system recommendations that will meet all of your home’s needs. We’ll never try to upsell you and we’ll always give you options. It’s your money after all. It’s our way of showing you respect.

Elite Cooling specializes in maintaining and repairing all major brands of AC units. We sell and install: TRANE, AMERICAN STANDARD, GOODMAN, RHEEM, PAYNE, COMFORTMAKER.

As Sunshine State residents, finding warmth is not a problem. But when we’re hit with unusually cool days throughout our winter months, we’re quick to run for shelter…and typically, it’s the only time we ever think about our heating systems too.

At Elite Cooling, our specialists can keep your home cozy and cool regardless of Florida’s fluctuating climate. We service and install a wide variety of heating systems and pride ourselves on keeping you and your family comfortable all year long.

“If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.” This well-known adage summarizes a prevalent mindset in our society today. Inevitably, things break and when the repair bills accumulate, we wonder, “could we have done things differently?”

As a homeowner in Florida, even a temporary system malfunction can result in major discomforts for you and your family. After all, who wants their home to feel like a sauna or worse, the Sahara?

To keep your system running at peak efficiency, preventive maintenance is essential. It extends the life of your AC unit, saves energy and you - money. Many times, a simple preventive measure, like changing your system’s filter or cleaning the coils, can prevent the machine’s failure.

Unlike many companies who seek to make huge profits from blanket maintenance plans, Elite Cooling offers a customizable maintenance plan tailored specifically for your home. It’s part of our personalized attention - because we believe preventive maintenance can guarantee your comfort is never jeopardized.

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