Air Conditioning

The Comfort You Want

The Comfort You Want

We know that businesses never stop doing business. This means that the infrastructure you rely on to do business must run seamlessly - 24/7, 365 days of the year.

At Elite Cooling, we make sure that your workplace environment is never jeopardized. We provide you, your employees and patrons with the comfort and security of home, through our extensive knowledge and experience maintaining, servicing and installing commercial grade AC systems.

Elite Cooling is licensed, insured and bonded to perform all maintenance, repair and installation jobs throughout the state of Florida.

“If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.” This well-known adage summarizes a prevalent mindset in our society today. Inevitably, things break and when the repair bills accumulate, we wonder, “could we have done things differently?”

For many businesses, a temporary system malfunction can result in thousands of dollars in lost revenue. To keep your system running at peak efficiency, preventive maintenance is essential. It extends the life of your equipment, saves energy and you - money. Many times, a simple preventive measure, like changing your system’s filter or cleaning the coils, can prevent the machine’s failure.

Unlike many companies who seek to make huge profits from blanket maintenance plans, Elite Cooling offers a customizable maintenance plan tailored to your business’ specific needs. It’s part of our personalized attention - because we believe preventive maintenance can guarantee your livelihood is never jeopardized.

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With preventive maintenance, things break less. When they do, we can fix it. At the heart of the Elite Cooling Difference is our method for diagnosing problems. We get to the core of the problem. We never just treat the symptoms, masking the issue so you’ll need repeat service. Our policy is simple - If it’s not fixed, and it doesn’t meet our standards, we won’t bill you.

Free Second Opinion: Do you need a second opinion on a reoccurring issue? We can help and our insight costs you nothing. Contact us today for your free estimate!

When it’s time to upgrade to more powerful, energy-efficient AC systems, Elite Cooling can provide custom tailored system recommendations that will meet all of your business needs. We’ll never try to upsell you and we’ll always give you options. It’s your money after all…and it’s one way we treat your business as if it is our own.

For new construction or remodeling projects, we take care of all permitting requirements, equipment deliveries and testing so you can focus on more important things - like picking out the perfect accent colors.

Elite Cooling specializes in maintaining, repairing and installing all major brands of AC units, including:


Many AC systems suffer from brand specific re-occurring problems. That’s why we always recommend the most reliable systems to our clients. We are a proud TRANE and CARRIER dealer.

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The comfort you want, the security you deserve starts here.