Meet Our Founder

Dear Valued Client,

They say man is never more his true self than when he is a child. At 60, my childhood is mostly a haze but I haven’t let time erase the wonder I experienced doing my favorite pastime. Many called it a waste of time. I called it discovery!

Since I was old enough to walk, I have been fascinated with machines - big ones, little ones, whatever I could get my hands on. I grew up in a remote village in Bulgaria so my first encounters with machines consisted of tractors and other agricultural equipment. When I wasn’t “working the land” I was tinkering and my wonder for machines was soon accompanied by a growing respect for their intricacies. I went on to obtain a mechanical engineering degree that has since elevated my knowledge and reverence for these elaborate mechanisms.

It is this wonder, respect and passion that I still carry with me, only now for more complex cooling systems. I bring it with me every time I personally service or install an air conditioning or refrigeration unit. And it permeates throughout every nook of my business.

The last 15 years have been an incredible journey, but not without trials and tribulations. Failure is the price you pay for success, so I know firsthand the devotion, hard work and sheer will required to run a successful business. Elite Cooling has endured because it has faced challenges with determination, integrity and an eye for delivering unbeatable service. It’s my promise to you - to treat your business as if it is my own. I hope you’ll experience the Elite Cooling difference for yourself, your home and your business.

To Our Success,

Chris Sarmov
President & Tinkering Specialist ;)